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Be demanding

Perhaps you would like to live in one of the most charming parts of Bratislava, surrounded by beautiful sunlit gardens. You wish to enjoy quality and modern architecture, first-class workmanship and premium materials. You can be satisfied only by what is considered the highest standard. You may seek a maximum level of privacy. And you can also have the lovely slopes of the Little Carpathians right behind the house while enjoying a view of the city skyline, knowing that you can be in the downtown in just a few minutes.

In the residential project Koliba Gardens you can have it all

This intimate project offers a selection of exclusive family villas with sophisticated layouts, generous interior space, as well as a private atrium and gardens perfect for evening relaxation and recharging your batteries while overlooking the city skyline.

230 m2 usable area
4 rooms
3 floors
3 parking spaces
5 minutes from the city center
300 m2 garden

Koliba Gardens on the move

When designing the project, we were in search of an ideal concept that would enable a full connection of the life inside and outside of the home while retaining the maximum sense of privacy. Therefore, Koliba Gardens consist of ten family villas designed so that each of them represents a separate comfortable space for living. Each of the villas has a private atrium, so family barbecues, celebrations with friends on the terrace or romantic date nights will be perfectly tucked away from the watchful eyes of the neighbors and the surrounding area. Furthermore, the private and serene character is highlighted by a private path below the level of the main living floor and garden.

návrh kuchyne Koliba gardens
návrh kuchyne Koliba gardens

Above-standard is our benchmark

Our goal was to design housing that meets the requirements of even the most demanding clients. From generous interior space with sophisticated layouts without unnecessary square meters, through modern architecture, to the quality of workmanship and the use of premium technological solutions and materials.

Comfort and privacy

Each of the floors of the three-storey villas have been carefully designed by the architects from the ALEXY & ALEXYstudio. The interior layout respects the logic of a modern household and creates polished and above-standard urban housing. On the ground floor there is a generous family living area with a large living room with a kitchen, dining room and glass wall introducing a green garden of the private atrium. On the upper floor there are three bedrooms, two bathrooms, and a balcony overlooking the skyline of Bratislava.

súkromná ulica s výhľadom na scenériu Bratislavy
villa 1 usable floor area: 218 m 2 lot area: 257 m 2 sold villa 2 usable floor area: 243 m 2 lot area: 271 m 2 sold villa 3 usable floor area: 218 m 2 lot area: 267 m 2 sold villa 4 usable floor area: 243 m 2 lot area: 268 m 2 sold villa 5 usable floor area: 234 m 2 lot area: 282 m 2 sold villa 6 usable floor area: 212 m 2 lot area: 392 m 2 sold villa 7 usable floor area: 211 m 2 lot area: 287 m 2 sold villa 8 usable floor area: 244 m 2 lot area: 330 m 2 sold villa 9 usable floor area: 211 m 2 lot area: 309 m 2 sold villa 10 2 usable floor area: 244 m lot area: 366 m 2 sold
výhľad z terasy na bratislavský hrad

Exclusive green location

Your home will be located in a place which is the destination of many nature lovers. Koliba has always been a green part of the city with its own unique charm, positive energy and community-friendly atmosphere. Koliba Gardens continue this tradition and constitute a home where you can feel like you are in a prestigious holiday resort. Surrounded by nature, merely a short walk from the city center.

Garden is a treasure

Especially if its size is just right - neither small nor too big. It is ideal not only for the Sunday lunches, but also for enjoying everyday moments such as morning coffee, training behind the mower, evening barbecues with friends or children enjoying pool games during hot summer days. All in all, simply a space big enough to recharge your batteries after a busy day in the city and lead a relaxing family life outside.

pohľad na ulicu Koliba Gardens
výhľad na Bratislavu

The city at your fingertips

The Old Town with its legendary cafés and restaurants is just a few minutes away, as well as kindergartens, a primary school and shops for everyday shopping. The location enables you to get in touch with the stunning nature of the Little Carpathians and offers countless opportunities for rest and relaxation. The combination of close proximity to the city center and, at the same time, the close contact with nature make this location an ideal choice even for the most demanding clients.

projekt Koliba Gardens na mape Bratislavy

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