Koliba Gardens is a residential project in one of the most charming parts of Bratislava, located on a beautiful sunny land surrounded by gardens. Koliba Gardens benefits from all the advantages of an exceptional location, quality architecture and high standard of living. We made every effort to offer anything one may expect of residing in a top-notch location – convenience, luxury and privacy, the sounds of birds chirping and the fragrant air near the Carpathian countryside as well as the vibrant city.

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We were looking for an ideal concept that would enable a full interconnection of living both inside and outside while evoking a sense of maximum privacy. Koliba Gardens consists of ten houses, with each of them designed to represent a separate living space. The architects have created private atriums so that having a barbecue on the terrace, or children and dogs frolicking in the garden would not arouse the curiosity of neighbors. Intimacy and tranquility are also accentuated by a private road across the land, which is recessed below the level of the main residential floor and garden.

návrh kuchyne Koliba gardens
návrh kuchyne Koliba gardens
ikona 230 m2 of usable floor area
ikona 4-room villa houses
ikona 3 floors
ikona 3 parking spots
ikona 5 minutes from the city center
ikona 300 m2 of garden area

Protection of privacy

The architects from the ALEXY & ALEXY studio have put a lot of thought into what each of the floors would look like. The layout of the premises and their technological background respect the logic of operating a modern household, making it easy and pleasant to live here. With a large living room with a kitchen, a dining room and a glass wall with a green garden behind it, it cannot be any other way. On the upper floor, there are three bedrooms, two bathrooms and further options to breathe some fresh air while enjoying the view of the surrounding scenery of Bratislava.

súkromná ulica s výhľadom na scenériu Bratislavy
house n. 1 house area: 218 m 2 lot area: 257 m 2 rezervovaný house n. 2 house area: 243 m 2 lot area: 271 m 2 rezervovaný house n. 3 house area: 218 m 2 lot area: 267 m 2 voľný house n. 4 house area: 243 m 2 lot area: 268 m 2 rezervovaný house n. 5 house area: 234 m 2 lot area: 282 m 2 predaný house n. 6 house area: 212 m 2 lot area: 392 m 2 predaný house n. 7 house area: 211 m 2 lot area: 287 m 2 voľný house n. 8 house area: 244 m 2 lot area: 330 m 2 voľný house n. 9 house area: 211 m 2 lot area: 309 m 2 voľný house n. 10 house area: 244 m 2 lot area: 366 m 2 voľný
výhľad z terasy na bratislavský hrad

Green landscape of your home

While others pass this area on their way to Kamzík, you will be at home. Koliba is not an ordinary part of Bratislava; it has always been unique, and, at the same time, locally friendly. Koliba Gardens carries on this tradition not only with a homey scale and concept of family houses, but also greenery helping each of the new residents to complement the atmosphere of this location.

My garden

Having your own garden, especially if situated in the city, is truly a treasure. Especially if the size is just right – neither too small nor too big. A perfect spot not just for having Sunday lunch, but for everyday moments such as sipping your morning coffee, mowing the lawn or watching the kids who have just discovered an earthworm. Or even for growing your own vegetables to which nothing compares.

pohľad na ulicu Koliba Gardens
výhľad na Bratislavu

Within city reach

The house in Koliba, Bratislava will provide you with unquestionable privacy whereby you will be in close contact with nature but able to enjoy city life at the same time. The old town with its legendary cafés and restaurants is within stone's throw, with local amenities including kindergartens, elementary school and everyday shopping nearby.

projekt Koliba Gardens na mape Bratislavy


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